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Two Townhomes of Downing Street Sell for $27 Million

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It's been more than a year since 22-24 Downing Street, a pair of homes that are part of the Townhomes of Downing Street project, went into contract, and the sale has finally closed. The buyer, hidden behind an LLC, paid $26,893,000?a far cry from the combined $33 million the two properties were originally asking. (They've also been listed separately for $14.95 million and $15 million.) Rumor had it the buyer planned to combine the two 1100 Architect-designed houses into one 12,127-square-foot, 50-foot-wide mansion, which would have 6BRs, 5BAs, a garden, and a garage.

There's a third Townhome of Downing Street at #26, not snapped up as part of this package. That property went into contract back in October, and no deal has hit public record yet. Hopefully the buyer is aware that there might be a major construction project coming next door.
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