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Williamsburg's 53 Broadway Starts Coming Back to Life

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Last time we checked on Williamsburg's 53 Broadway, the hole at the stalled site was being filled because the developer had been hit with fines for not maintaining the property. Now a tipster writes in, "Saw they are starting construction of some sort after years of this being ignored. Wonder if those condos are on their way in?" A local Curbed operative passed along a photo of the site, which doesn't tell us much about what's happening there. To the DOB permits! The site's had a stop-work order since 2008, but in early February, the DOB partially rescinded the order to allow work on the site under an old permit. That permit calls for a 7-story mixed-use building with 35 residential units.
Here's another photo of the site as it is now:

The architects on the old permit are the folks at Kaish & Taub, and this was their design for the project c. 2007:

Anyone seen a more recent rendering? Send it to us!
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