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88 Morningside Hits 90%; Hearst Tower Adds LEED Platinum

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HARLEM/M'SIDE HEIGHTS?Maybe enough kids convinced their parents to buy them a one bedroom at 88 Morningside for the holidays, because the building just hit the 90% sold milestone. The six remaining units include 1BR/1BA apartments, ranging in price from $425,000 - $470,000. A holiday ad campaign urged parents to consider purchasing 1BRs in the building as a gift for the luckiest children fresh out of the nest. [Curbedwire Inbox; previously]

MANHATTAN?The Hearst building has become the first commercial building to attain LEED Gold status for new construction and LEED Platinum status for an existing structure. The midtown tower received LEED Gold when it was completed in 2006, and the Platinum status was rewarded for ongoing operations.
Hearst has reduced its total energy consumption by 40%—putting the company in the top 10% of efficient commercial office buildings in the country. In addition, the company reduced total waste going to the landfills by 82% and became the first commercial office building in New York City to adopt an extensive composting program which composts 100% of its wet food waste. Hearst also has 100% use of reclaimed non-potable rainwater for hardscape/sidewalk cleaning and controlled water usage throughout the building that has reduced water usage at Hearst Tower more than 30% annually. [Curbedwire Inbox]

88 Morningside

88 Morningside Avenue, New York, NY 10026