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Two Weeks 'Til Spring! How's McCarren Park Pool Coming?

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At the groundbreaking more than two years ago, Mayor Bloomberg pledged to refurbish McCarren Park Pool to its former glory. "The restored McCarren Pool will at long [last] return as not only a swimming pool but also as a year-round recreational destination." And throughout the long project, the City has held firm to the deadline that the ribbon-cutting for the park would occur in Spring 2012. Good news: spring is only two weeks away! According to the NYCParks web site, "Construction is 93 percent complete. Brick work throughout the site and interior walls is progressing. Topping of the pool deck is underway."

Pictures taken by our own Jeremiah Budin this week [above] show that it's the last 7% that makes all the difference when viewed from beyond the construction fence. Get ready though. Tomorrow's supposed to be crazy warm, and spring is definitely in the air. If you're a longtime local, a hipster, or a yuppie Williamsburg arriviste, there are only a small number of weeks and/or percentage points between you and your brand new McCarren Park Pool.
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