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West Chelsea House Has Standout Facade, Ho-Hum Interior

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The north side of the West 24th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues rarely sees the sun, thanks to the towering colossus of London Towers across the street. That is both a curse and a blessing, as the street has seen less development over the years and thus retained a row of charming townhouses with enviable facades. Plus, prices seem to be slightly depressed in this shadow, with the 20-foot-wide house at 447 West 24th Street listed for just under $5M. Of course, in this case, that low price might have more to do with the downright disappointing interiors. The facade, save for the intrusion of a pair of through-wall air conditioners, is one of the finest we've seen, but the exposed brick fireplaces, lack of decorative molding, and generally dated "updates." Those who see this as a chance to do some thorough renovations would do well to note that this particular Italianate structure was landmarked in 1970, meaning any alterations would be subject to oversight.

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