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Another Empty Williamsburg Lot Shows Signs of Life

Another day, another Williamsburg resurrection. A tipster writes: "The long-vacant lot just off the corner of Metropolitan and Wythe may be back. A new construction fence went up late last week (protruding well out into the sidewalk) complete with brand-new DOB permits as well as Brownfield Remediation permits." Behind the fence at 105 Metropolitan, the tipster tells us, is "the same trashy, weed-filled hole in the ground," helpfully illustrated above by Google Street View. The lot was on the market a while back with approved plans for a five-unit, five-story building, but more recent reports had the site's owner planning a workshop for his business, a design and engineering firm. DOB permits list the architect for the site's next structure as RKT&B Architects, and the building is described as 6,300 square feet, with commercial and manufacturing uses.
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105 Metropolitan Avenue

105 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211