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The Days of Disco Live On in this Yorkville Townhouse

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Thought you'd seen the last of magenta and purple carpets, velveteen furniture, black whirlpool tubs, and fully mirrored bathrooms? Think again. The townhouse at 316 East 81st Street has all of those things, plus an incongruous dining room with heavy wooden furniture and a garish stone wall. The price, however, seems to account for the dated interiors, at just $3.6M. That price includes 3,000 square feet, with four bedrooms, but also 6,000 square feet of air rights and a deep garden for expansion. There are other problems, however, like the fact that the house is just 15-feet wide and that the front facade is currently painted an unsightly red. The house next door, the restored brownstone No. 314, offers a look at what might be possible, but that would require some serious additional expense.
· 316 East 81st Street [Streeteasy]