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Big Reveal: A 2BR Co-op in The 'Burg, With Mezzanines

Do not underestimate the power of the Williamsburg. Inclusion within its boundaries will compel buyers to offer more money than they believe is reasonable. This week's guessers for the 2BR/1BA at 48 Whipple Street in the Broadway Triangle section of Williamsburg were fairly uniform in their dislike for the property, and the median price ($509,500) of the guesses still was higher than the actual asking price of $479,000. "Awful location, but I'm guessing they're as crazy as that square footage number suggests. $625k." We bet if they redo the floor plan without the hand drawn addenda the seller could get more than $500K for the place. Thanks for playing!
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48 Whipple Street

48 Whipple Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206