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For $11,000/Month, Who Needs to Sit While Eating?

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Listed for $11,000 per month, this rental is the cheapest currently available at the Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle's Time Warner Center. For that sky-high sum, the renter gets one bedroom, a bathroom, a powder room, and a "mint condition, fully equipped" kitchen. Pity then, that there's simply no room left for a dining table. Of course, if you're already shelling out five figures a month to bed down here, it's probably no trouble to call up room service and have them roll one of those folding table/cart thingies up to the apartment or head downstairs to Masa or Per Se. These rentals are all about the service, in fact, as the brokerbabble reminds prospective tenants that while there is a washer/dryer in the apartment, "maid service can be arranged through the hotel."
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