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Cuts Keep Coming for Time Warner Center Combo Condo

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We've already mentioned Time Warner Center developer Kenneth Himmel's attempts to pull a Zeckendorf with a pricey resale of his 67th-floor apartment in his own building. Unfortunately, Himmel doesn't have Zeckendorf's luck. His place got PriceChopped a few weeks ago, to a new ask of $16.25 million (previously: $17.375 million and $18.375 million). Now the chopper has returned for Himmel's neighbor in #67B, which just got chopped from $18.45 million to $14.95 million. Also on offer is a combo of the two units, with "100 linear feet directly on Central Park," now asking $31.2 million. The original ask, in late 2011, was $37.325 million?but looking at the difference in the two sellers' aesthetic tastes, we wouldn't be surprised if potential buyers are struggling to envision these condos as a combo.
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