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Chelsea's Walker Tower Will Ask Up to $10K/Square Foot

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"I can already tell that I can't afford it," wrote one commenter when we detailed our visit to the gutted upper floors of 212 West 18th Street last fall. Most of us probably can't, commenter. The Art Deco Verizon building designed by Ralph Walker will begin its next life as the Walker Tower condos when it opens for occupancy this spring, and the Times has some deets on pricing and interiors. Pricing for most units will probably be around $3,000/square foot?except for the eight penthouses, which will ask a whopping $10,000/square foot. The 55 condos cover the eighth through 23rd floors (the first seven are Verizon offices, with a separate entrance on West 17th Street).

For those kinds of prices, we'd expect almost mind-boggling luxury in terms of interiors. So? The Times describes a little of what's to come: "The 12- to 15-foot-high ceilings will be coffered. Radiant heat will course through French-oak herringbone floors. Washing machines and dryers won’t be stacked, as in many buildings, but will sit side by side, in individual laundry rooms." In this town, individual laundry rooms with side-by-side appliances are what passes for mind-boggling luxury.
For those who might not find Walker Tower to their liking, the developers just began work on another project at 435 West 50th Street. Like Walker Tower, this one is a former telephone building designed by Ralph Walker, and it's also going condo. Too bad the Walker Tower name can only be claimed once.
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