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Meet NYC's New Most Expensive Condo Listing, Asking $77.5M

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Now that 15 Central Park West's $88 million penthouse has sold?in a straightforward deal for exactly the asking price?the NYC real estate world needs a new most expensive condo listing (or maybe several) over which to obsess. Enter Millennium Partners founding partner Christopher M. Jeffries, who has just listed his duplex condo above the Ritz-Carlton at 50 Central Park South. With an ask of $77.5 million, it is the priciest condo now on the market in New York. Is that price?way up from the $20M Jeffries paid for it in 2002?justified? It's hard to know with just one listing pic (above) and no brokerbabble, but the Times offers a description of the 10,882-square-foot duplex.
The 31st-floor living room is more than 900 square feet and has 15-foot ceilings, and there's also a "display room," library, kitchen, dining room, and breakfast room?who would want to eat all of their daily meals in the same place, anyway? Of the four bedrooms, the Times deems the apartment's master suite and its closet space the most drool-worthy: "'His' dressing room has a wall of three closets as well as a walk-in, and 'her' dressing room and sitting room take up more than 800 square feet, lined with open closets, elegant mahogany shelves for shoes and individual cubbies for handbags. The suite also has his-and-hers bathrooms; the oversize soaking tub in 'her' bathroom provides ceiling-to-tub park views."

Here's the floorplan:

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50 Central Park South

50 Central Park South, New York, NY