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$14K/Month Townhouse Rental Tests Limits in Cobble Hill

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Set back from the street on one of Cobble Hill's most convenient blocks, this modern townhouse has plenty to do if it's going to live up to it's $14,000 per month asking price, but the home is presented immaculately, boasts a curb-cut private parking space, has 3,000-square-feet of interior space, and is within easy walking distance of both the F train and the many dining options on Smith and Court Streets. Still, the owners are certainly planning for a long haul in their search for a new tenant. Listed back in late February, the house isn't scheduled to be available until July 1st, when the front garden should be in full bloom and the roof deck a welcome feature. For the right family, this five-bedroom townhouse could be the modern answer to their dreams?provided they're ready to pay some of the highest rent in the neighborhood.
· 53 Wyckoff Street [Streeteasy]