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Huguette Clark's Dollhouse Apartments Hit Market for $55M

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Dolls may make the creepiest watchmen for an apartment encased in proverbial amber, but they are not ideal caretakers. Huguette Clark's three sprawling apartments at 907 Fifth Avenue hit the market this week for considerably less than initial speculations that the collective 17,000 square feet and 42 rooms could fetch $100 million. “Every system in the apartments, from the electricity to the plumbing, needs to be updated,” a source told the Post. Altogether, the three apartments are listed at $55 million. The two 8th floor apartments could be worth more if the co-op board at 907 Fifth Avenue allows their combination, but currently 8W (3BR/6.5BA) and 8E (2BR/2BA) are listed at BHS for $19 million and $12 million, respectively. On the top floor of the building, along Fifth Avenue, is 12W (4BR/4BA), listed at $24 million. Heiress Huguette Clark died last year at the age of 104. She inherited the apartments at 907 Fifth Avenue upon her mother's death, but they have remained fully furnished but unoccupied?save for Clark's doll collection?for several decades.

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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021