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Art Takes Time Square; Hop on A Tug & Barge Cruise

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[Photo: Milo Hess]

MIDTOWN/MIDTOWN WEST—Times Square will become a gallery and its iconic billboards will become canvases this June when Art Takes Times Square, and more than a dozen video signs in Times Square will be made into an immense display of art. There's an open call for submissions through May 25, but selections are being made regularly throughout the process (22 hours until the next artist/work is chosen!). The event is a collaboration between the Times Square Alliance and the public arts group Chashama. [Curbedwire Inbox;]

RED HOOK & TRIBECA—The Waterfront Museum and Tug Pegasus Preservation Project will be defraying some of the cost of moving the museum's barge from Red Hook to Tribeca for two weekends of activities for the public by selling tickets to ride along. The antique barge that houses the Waterfront Museum will travel by tugboat to Tribeca's Hudson River Park Pier 25 on May 3, and return to Red Hook on May 15. The two-hour trip each way (and 12 days apart) will give passengers a unique perspective on New York's Harbor and its sights like the Statue of Liberty. [Curbedwire Inbox; Tug&Barge Cruise]