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Annabelle Selldorf Cornered by LPC: Noho Plan 'Too Timid'

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Starchitect Annabelle Selldorf went before the LPC this morning, bringing along a slew of slides to sell her plan for a new residential building at 10 Bond Street. What ensued was a dialog about the meeting of modernity and historic districts. Earlier this week the landmarks crew at CB2 registered resistance to her plan for six stories with penthouse, all wrapped in ribbons of broad terra cotta. Today the Commissioners were less brutal but, despite showing lots of love for "lush, wonderful and seductive materials," most found many faults with the Selldorf proposal. One particular problematic part of the plan is the corner of rounded glass proposed for the intersection at Lafayette and Bond.
Comments about the prominent Noho site, where a Texaco station held sway back in the day, ranged from "not exuberant enough" to "too flat" to simply "too timid." Selldorf stood her ground, stating that she wasn't building an 1850 or 1910 historic structure, but rather a new building with "very strong modern language" that makes references to the fantastic old buildings nearby in Noho. One very modern aspect of the plan that won over the Commissioners is the series of retractable exterior screens that will give some privacy across the broad expanses of glass. But the terra cotta was deemed lacking in the details that would "give the compensatory depth" to the facade. And the proposed aluminum framed windows were declared to show a lack of articulation found in so many of Noho's landmarked buildings. At the end of the session no action was taken; the team from Selldorf Architects was asked to work with the LPC staff and come back with changes and refinements for a second shot in the near future.
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10 Bond Street

10 Bond Street, New York, NY