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Low Line's Kickstarter Campaign Shoots High

The Kickstarter campaign to fund a model and a technical demonstration of the Low Line was more than successful. The campaign closed last week and exceeded its $100,000 goal by 55%—garnering $155,186 from 3,300 individual backers. The funding will allow Low Line founders James Ramsey and Dan Barasch (pictured) to create a mini-Low Line demo in September at the old Essex Market structure south of Delancey Street, and continue spending on engineering studies to plan the subterranean park in the old Delancey Street trolley terminal.

More than one-third (1,197) of all contributors gave between $30 and $50 dollars to the project, earning them a LowLine t-shirt as a donor gift. 393 people donated more than $50, including three donors who chipped in $10,000 or more. This top-tier level of donation gets one a t-shirt and plenty more, including "Partner" acknowledgement on the Low Line web site and a dinner cooked by Low Line creator and architect James Ramsey, who told us that he's generally skilled in the kitchen, except when it comes to Chinese or Indian food.
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