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Eventup Turns NYC Vacancies into Party Venues

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Just because an apartment, loft, or townhouse is between tenants or owners doesn't mean that it has to be sitting around doing nothing, like an underemployed bum—contributing nothing but costing you plenty in upkeep. Put that shiftless, vacant property to work by using it as an event space! That's the idea behind Eventup, a west coast listing service that's opening operations in NYC this month. Eventup allows property owners to list their vacant property as a potential event venue for people looking to host weddings, fundraisers, or just a surprise party in a space that suits their needs. Some of the unique properties already listed with Eventup (and pictured above) are Katharine Hepburn's four-story Turtle Bay brownstone, Lady Gaga's one-time apartment in an East Village walk-up, a modern architecture townhouse, and Bob Dylan's former home.

Eventup's NYC listings include a lot of standard bar/lounge/party spaces, but it's interesting to see what kind of regular vacant homes one can rent for a one-off party.

What: Residential apartment
Where: Upper East Side
How Many: 50 people
How Much: $300
When: Fridays-Sundays

What: Studio with Terrace
Where: Midtown
How Many: 50
How Much: $250
When: 7 days a week

What: Designer Duplex
Where: Bed-Stuy
How Many: 50
How Much: $150
When: Fridays-Sundays

Owners who list their property on Eventup have the ability to require renters to purchase insurance to cover any damage to a space, but we're curious as to what neighbors might think of all this. If you're renting out your apartment or condo to host parties every night until 3 a.m., how much will it wind up costing you in apology gift baskets to keep things smoothed over with the people across the hall?
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