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Bushwick's Building-Coloring Lavender LLC Cannot Be Stopped

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Abe Greene and Lavender LLC, the visionaries behind Lavender Manor and Ocean Blue Residence appear to be at it again. The purple and white paint stripes are barely dry, but last Thursday Lavender Manor's next-next-door neighbor, 89 Cornelia Street, was acquired by Lavender Residence LLC and immediately transferred to Cornelia Apartments LLC. (Both LLCs list the same address, a post office box in Williamsburg.) Long story short, these guys love LLCs and they appear to have completed the next stage in their plan to paint an entire Bushwick block like the cafeteria in a run-down arcade. What this next building will look like is anyone's guess, but our crack team of renderers have put together a few possibilities.
Crimson Chateau:

Viridian Villa:

Goldenrod...uh...Guest House?

Sepia Shack:

?Jeremiah Budin
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