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Revived 1 North Moore Finally Closes Its First Batch of Sales

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Tribeca's 1 North Moore, formerly 240 West Broadway, has a long history, most of it involving no actual condo sales. The project began as a nine-story property with a modern metal facade, but then the building stalled out, and when it returned, that design was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the Flank-designed project went for a more traditional brick look. Last year it finally went searching for buyers, and now it's found some?four sales have closed.

The most recent to hit public record was the sale of the penthouse, for $8,001,352, and we don't know what the initial ask was. The other three sales closed at close?with just a 1 or 2 percent deviation?to the list prices shown on StreetEasy. Unit #3 was asking $5 million and went for $5,091,250; unit #4 was asking $5.3 million and sold for $5,193,075; unit #5 was listed for $5.6 million and went for $5,651,287. There are two more units listed as in contract, for $6 million and $9.5 million.
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