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Big Reveal: A Broadway Loft in Tribeca for $1.2 Million

This week's guesses for the 1,200 square foot loft at 395 Broadway were fairly evenly distributed and strongly centered around the median of $1.1 million, which was also the statistical mode with the highest number of repeated guesses at that value. $1.1 million is 10% below the current asking price of $1.225 million for the third-floor apartment at Broadway and Walker Street. While some guessers were enthusiastic about a more modest-sized loft in Tribeca, others were less enthralled with the condition and the decision to include a loft space in a loft with 12' 6" ceilings.
"They" can ask whatever they wish but this rather limited space isn't worth a penny more than $ 990,990.00. Even at 12 foot 6 inches, only midgets could stand up in that "loft master bedroom.
Just a reminder for next week—and as one commenter pointed out—Pricespotter isn't an online listings search contest. It's a game of knowledge, experience, and intuition. Thanks for playing!
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