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Printing House Condos Finally Plan September Relaunch

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The condo conversion of the remaining units at The Printing House has been in the works for so long it was mentioned as part of the year of the condo conversion. But legal drama?there was a lawsuit from a jilted bidder?has kept the plan from proceeding as quickly as intended. Until now! The Real Deal reports the renovation of the building's rental units is about to begin. The luxury condos should hit the market by September.

The renovations will combine a number of apartments to create two- to four-bedroom units (right now the Printing House contains only 1BRs and 2BRs), and the lobby, elevators, and hallways will also get a spruce up. This also means higher prices for the building, which was already partially condo. Units have previously asked around $1,310/square foot, but there's no intel yet on how much higher prices will go.
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The Printing House

421 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014