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Booze Approval a Slam Drunk for Barclays Center

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Community Board 2 voted unanimously to recommend approval of a liquor license for the vendors at Barclays Center when the venue opens, against the wishes of some neighborhood residents who fear the prospect of thousands of drunken Nets fans puking and peeing all over their front steps after games. [Only if the Brooklyn Nets win an NBA championship!] The board did include some restrictions on their approval recommendation, according to The Local.
· Post-game cleanup of aforementioned puke and pee from neighborhood streets that must be completed before dawn.
· Electronic ID card readers to spot fake IDs at half of all of the arena's alcohol points of sale.
· Limiting alcohol purchases to two beers per customer at a time; tough luck quadruple-fisters!
CB2 also suggested that the State Liquor Authority review any liquor license for the venue after one year, to ensure compliance with all of its other suggestions. After the vote, CB2 Chairman John Dew did yell "Barclays Center, here we come!" before NOT shotgunning a beer, although it would have been incredible if he had.
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Barclays Center

Atlantic Avenue at Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY