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Bard's "Uncomfortable" Last Days at Hotel Chelsea

Stanley Bard Gives Us A Tour Of The Hotel Chelsea, 2007 from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Here's a flashback to 2007, when Stanely Bard was still the beloved manager of the Hotel Chelsea, although he was being isolated as the new owners and the hotel's board of directors pushed him towards the door. Bard showed Gothamist around the hotel, and when asked about the changes at the artists enclave his family had cultivated over half a century, replied that he didn't know anything and that it was like the current ownership was trying to keep him in the dark. The Chetrit Group certainly had its work cut out for itself in removing and replacing Bard, who admitted that creating the hotel as it stood then was "my life's dream, my life's work." He and residents of the time had built a "mutual admiration society" that the current owners are still struggling to supplant.
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