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$400 Apartment Impossible to Let Go, So Arrested

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Manhattan real estate entrepreneur Nataliya Dyakovskaya said she wasn't living at her subsidized $400-a-month apartment in the Vladeck Houses (pictured) on the Lower East Side because she didn't get along with her daughter. The truth is, she probably preferred staying at her Upper West Side condo that she purchased for $700,000, or the $885,000 East Hampton home she purchased in 2005. Maybe Dyakovskaya will plead guilty to not wanting to let go of her immigrant roots. When she first got the subsidized unit at the Vladeck Houses she was a struggling immigrant just arrived from Russia with $30 in her pocket and a dream. Now she's a millionaire under arrest for thieving $79,500 from the NYC Housing Authority for retaining her Lower East Side apartment all these years, even after getting a masters degree from Columbia, working for several engineering companies, and starting her own real estate business. In her defense, can any newcomer be blamed for thinking that the American Dream isn't complete these days without ending up arrested and shamed in New York's tabloids?
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