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Dueling 7 Hubert Street Apartments Both Finally Find Buyers

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It's been nearly a year since we visited apartments #10A and the maisonette at 7 Hubert Street, the building of rich folk and their private jogging tracks. At the time, both apartments were seeking buyers with asking prices north of $6 million. Now, they've both sold. So how did that go?

The sale of #10A, above, just hit public record, prompting this stroll down ACRIS lane. The apartment was once listed for $7.5 million in 2010, but it was pulled from the market before returning with an ask of $6.85 million. The buyers ultimately paid $6.675 million. Not bad! We had a feeling that library?"hand-lacquered cabinetry, mother-of-pearl backing in the bookcases, and drawers lined with Hermes suede"?would do the trick.
10A's competitor, the maisonette, had less appealing listing photos, but was the much quicker unit to sell. The apartment was asking $6.25 million and sold in December for $5.75 million, a discount of 8 percent. Here's what the place looked like when it was on the market:

And here's the floorplan:

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7 Hubert Street

7 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013