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Six New York City Summer Rentals On the Market Right Now

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Spring is a time of uncertainty. One day it's 80 degrees and sunny and you're sweating through your polar fleece, the next day it's suddenly winter again and you left your apartment in shorts and you catch hypothermia and die. That's spring for you! Luckily, summer is almost here, and summer, unlike spring, carries with it certain truths. 1) It's going to be hot. 2) Native New Yorkers are going to flee the city in an act known as "summering" if you're a millionaire and "vacationing" if you're not. 3) Tourists will flood the city in their place. 4) Summer rentals! The East Village's EV Grieve recently featured this summer rental and inspired us to dig up a few of our own.

Above, we have a 4BR, 3.5BA West Village townhouse, available from June 15th through August 15th for $30,000/month. In an attempt to justify the insanely high price tag, it offers a grand piano, six-burner stove, 18-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, built in stereo system with recessed speakers in each room, and a private garden.

Another 4BR townhouse, this one in Gramercy Park, is available for less than half the price of its West Village counterpart at $14,000/month. It's not as large or nicely designed, but it does also feature a private backyard garden.

This 1BR in Brooklyn Heights is available from the end of May to September for $5,000/month. It's about a block from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Utilities are part of the rent and include a cleaning service every two weeks.

A 1,700-square-foot full-floor 2BR, 2BA West Chelsea condo right next to the High Line is available for $11,500 for the month of August.

A Williamsburg 1BR is available from mid-May to mid-September for $2,800/month. It has an open layout with lots of furniture that looks perfect for lounging.

This 1BR in Midtown West is going for $4,500/month from May 15 to August 15. According to the description, it's just a short walk to the Apple Store, so if you're planning on spending your summer in the Apple Store (hey, it's probably air conditioned) then this is the place for you.
?Jeremiah Budin