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$6M Heights Townhouse is in Touch With Its Roots

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We're really digging this Brooklyn Heights townhouse at 32 Livingston Street, which just landed on the market for a cool $6,000,000. The house looks like it's in pretty pristine condition, and if you're a sucker for old school details, this place isn't going to disappoint. Right now it's laid out as an owner's triplex and a garden apartment, which a buyer presumably might want to make into a large single family home. The listing waxes poetic about the house's history, culminating in a final plea of "This great American home will be available to connoisseurs, preservationists, townhouse lovers, or anyone that would like become one. Our heritage needs to be preserved." We're not sure if the house is quite that important, but we have a feeling this one will go close to ask.

Listing: 32 Livingston Street [BHS]