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When a Loft Becomes an "Architectural Laboratory"

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When architect Kimberly Peck finally got a chance to design her own home after doing so many for other people, she relished in the idea of letting her imagination go wild. The space, a 900 square foot loft in the Cast Iron Building in Greenwich Village, was in rough shape and needed more than just a makeover. She soon realized that the freedom to design whatever she wanted was almost paralyzing her with options. After deciding that she needed to just make a choice and start fixing the place, she replaced the rickety old loft ladder with a "semi-cantilevered open-tread structure that concealed closets underneath." In the kitchen she "she removed walls, added an island, and compensated for the low ceiling by choosing light birch for the lower cabinets and black for the upper ones." But what did she sound the most enthusiastic about in her redesign? Her Japanese soaking tub.
· A Test Kitchen for Design [NYT]