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Bloomberg Pushing for Rezoning Near Grand Central Terminal

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As Mayor Bloomberg's third term draws to a close, the administration is pushing for a rezoning of the Grand Central neighborhood while it still has the chance. The rezoning would encompass the area between Fifth and Third avenues and East 39th and East 59th streets. It "would be a linchpin of [Bloomberg's] legacy," one unnamed business official tells the Daily News, and it would also have significant implications for Grand Central-area development. Such as?

If the rezoning went through as Bloomberg imagines, it would allow area developers to build up to the height of the Chrysler Building, which one city zoning expert says would make buildings around Grand Central an average of 20 percent to 30 percent larger. A city planning spokesperson says only that the administration is considering the plan now and that it will take a few months to finalize. In the meantime, fantasy renderings of a taller Midtown welcomed to the Curbed inbox.
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