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Williamsburg Loft Tenants Lose First Round of Eviction Fight

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The residents of Williamsburg's 338 Berry Street took their landlord to court last year over the extension of the 1982 Loft Law. The law promised to legalize illegal loft conversions in Bushwick, Williamsburg, LIC, and other 'hoods (and place them under rent stabilization) as long as they met a few conditions?but the 338 Berry tenants accused their landlord of attempting to evict them instead of supporting their application for legal loft status. Now, the Post updates us, a judge has sided with the landlord, Mona Gora-Friedman, over the tenants. The judge ruled that the loft law extension doesn't supersede the tenants' prior agreement with the landlord, which allowed them to stay only until 2011. Ruh-roh!

The tenants will appeal the decision next week, but if they are unsuccessful, the Post theorizes, the 10 remaining tenants are likely to move east to Bushwick or perhaps try to move into the pricier but also more legal lofts currently on the market in Williamsburg. Perhaps some folks from Soho will be joining them.
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