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A Few of New York's Classiest Rentals, Reviewed on Yelp

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We recently noticed that Brookyln's tallest building, The Brookylner, has garnered some Yelp reviews, and let's just say they're not pretty. In all fairness, the most recent one (pictured above) is from January, so it's possible that in the last few months the washers and dryers have been replaced, and the heaters have started working, and the floors have gotten less splintery... But anyway, it got us wondering whether there are any other luxury condos and/or rental buildings that have residents, disgruntled or otherwise, who have taken to Yelp.

While archicritics find Mercedes House to be disrespectful to its neighbors (aesthetically), its residents find it to be disrespectful to its residents (practically). Well, three of them do, at least. The most notable complaints concern construction noise starting at 7am every morning, the fruit fly problem (there are multiple fruit fly-related complaints, so you know it's not just one guy leaving food out and blaming the management), and "everything breaks easily."

See, they're not all bad reviews! So, going by this review, the breakdown of MiMa's residents is as follows: Korean people—50%; Baron Davis—1%; Mildly racist Yelp reviewer—1%. (It's also worth nothing that MiMa's other reviews are not quite as positive. Apparently someone's five-year-old was accused of sexual harassment? Sounds like a weird scene.)

Both reviews of The Edge were written by non-residents. We think they'd probably be really good friends.
—Jeremiah Budin
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The Edge

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