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Entrepreneur Still Wants to Unload $4M Bay Ridge Funhouse

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Step aside, Hansel and Gretel house. Our new favorite Bay Ridge property on the more bonkers end of the spectrum is this one, at 240 78th Street in Bay Ridge. The ask is $3.95 million, a price that seems even heftier considering that, according to StreetEasy, the place has been on the market for 302 days. (Sometimes it takes us a little while to make it over to Bay Ridge.) Per the brokerbabble, the place belongs to "one of Brooklyn's foremost real estate entrepreneurs," and it "was built to house twelve but has only been occupied by three so everything is in mint, renovated condition."
The property includes 5BRs, 6.5BAs, and two 1BR, 1BA rental apartments with separate entrances. Space isn't a problem here: the driveway can fit more than five cars, and there's a "vaulted ceiling space designed for a library" that also includes a space for business meetings. And then there are the amenities and design, er, quirks. Like these:

Amenities include a game room (billiards, ping pong, fuse ball, flat screens), a movie theatre (fitted with custom fabrics and a high definition sound system), an outdoor heated pool (with an integrated flat screen television), an outdoor kitchen set up with high-end appliances and an outdoor grill. The game room also has a secret passage leading to the guest house, which also doubles as a wine cellar, while the guest house may be used as a second rental unit?.The main living room has a spectacular set of floating stairs that leads to the 2nd floor office and the front porch has been fitted with a custom heated and air-conditioned doghouse. And here's the floorplan:

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