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$25K/Month for Soho Garage Space, $2,500/Month for Grime

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The owners of the landmarked BP gas station on Houston and Lafayette Streets realized that if they wants to be taken seriously in this high-end historic district, it's time to start selling stuff for astronomical prices. Rather than charging cab drivers $52.98 a gallon for super premium unleaded, the owners of the garage on the lot want to rent it out for $27,500 a month for use as an art gallery or retail space. The biggest question at this point, will they make more money renting the space as a filthy decrepit abandoned grease pit, or should it be cleaned up?

DNAinfo found fashionistas who said that the broken down look was part of the appeal. "Utilizing any space in New York City that has sat dormant for any creative outlet or business is a good idea. The grittiness was part of the draw," said Bond Street retail store manager Cameron Cooper, recalling a Fashion Week after-party held at a Mobil station. Another retail store manager on Lafayette Street said "I think it's a cool idea. It would contrast with the sophistication of the clothes."
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