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Comment of the Day

"Truth is, it's a rather plain vanilla 1bdrm and while I understand curbed's point of view of value, it's still in that tough area of the market, 1bdrms btw $500k and $800k. You start at $1000 a sf and work up or down. Considering this is the first floor and it isn't the quietest block (there is a lot of carry over from 2nd Ave - I live nearby) the price seems appropriate. Could they have stuck a price of $685k or $695k and gotten away with it? Maybe, but at $650k, they run the small chance of getting enough attention, where they can get it bid up to $670k or there about. Probably still unlikely, but a better shot at that than if they asked close to $700k, which they would have received offers for $610k-$620k. I guarantee it."?anon [$650,000 For This East Village Co-op Seems Like a Deal]