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A 3BR Co-op in Carroll Gardens for $999,000

This week's guessers were relatively dismissive of the 3BR/2BA co-op in Carroll Gardens on Clinton Street. "There are hardly any closets, and none in the smallest bedroom (which means it's not a bedroom)." And people hated the kitchen, which was described as "cheap," "ugly," and "hideous." We wonder if all the dismissiveness wasn't in anticipation of a steep asking price that wasn't actually coming. The median guess on this seller's asking price was $1.2 million—20% above he actual ask ($999,000). The one thing people did enjoy was the location, which is at 391 Clinton Street. "Based on your description, I'll put it somewhere around Carroll St. and Clinton Street. Now I'll say Clinton St. is prime Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. It's close to public transit, close to activity on both Court, and Smith St., and it's in a beautiful neighborhood. Plus it's a relatively large two bedroom with an ok but "eh" layout." Maybe that's what put people in such an excessive pricing mood. Thanks for playing!
· 391 Clinton Street [Halstead via StreetEasy]
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