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How Much Does a Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment Cost?

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The U.S. Supreme Court is soon to announce whether it will hear the case of Upper West Side landlord James Harmon, who argues that the city's rent-regulation laws violate his constitutional rights. While we wait for the court's answer, NYU's Furman Center has put together a pretty interesting look at the city's rent-regulated housing stock. Charts! Numbers! Envy-inducing cheap rents! How cheap? The median stabilized rent in the city is $1,160/month, compared to a market-rate rent of $1,550/month. Within what the report calls "core" Manhattan?below 96th Street?the median market-rate rent is $2,725/month, compared to a median stabilized rent of $1,480/month. A roughly 35.2 percent share of rent-stabilized households below 96th Street moved in more than 20 years ago.

Where the highest numbers of rent-regulated units are located:

How NYC's housing stock has changed over time:

And how many people live in rent-regulated units:

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