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From Fill-'Er-Up to Flagship at Houston & Lafayette

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A group of real estate, marketing, and architecture professionals have banded together to seek out a tenant to transform the lot at the entrance to Soho—Houston and Lafayette across from the Puck Building—into the site of a flagship store. LargaVista is the developer and the assembler of a slick package selling the lot and its potential to become the site for a building that's not just a box to do business in, but a structure that is integrated into a company's brand identity; think Apple and its eponymous stores. There's a video on the consortium's site that's rather heavy on the CGI, time lapse photography, and marketbabble—"The walls of retail are changing. Give your brand a new dimension"—but gives some ideas for what potential the site holds. All of the designs are speculative, but we'll do a quick straw poll and see which idea you readers like best.

Poll results

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