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Nolita Carriage House-Gone-Condo Now 70 Percent Sold

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Perhaps that Cyber Monday sale did the trick at Brewster Carriage House, the condo conversion of a 19th-century Nolita carriage factory. We hear that the building is officially 70 percent sold?which means only the two penthouses, or their potential combo, remain to be bought. The average ask on the active listings, according to StreetEasy, was $1,932/square foot. The actual prices came in a bit lower: $1,800/square foot for the south-facing 3BRs and over $1,300/square foot for the north-facing 1BRs. We would not be averse to that remaining penthouse (above), if someone wants to lend us a few (million) bucks.
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The Brewster Carriage House

374 Broome Street, New York, NY