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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Headed to Alphabet City?

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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig continue their arduous house-hunting trek from one fabulous New York City home to another, and the tour has swung back to the East Village. It seemed like Weisz was attempting to put a little east-west distance between herself and her ex-husband, director Darren Aronofsky. Their home was on East 11th Street and Weisz and Craig have been searching westward nabes, like Soho and Tribeca. Alas, their supposed purchase of an $11.5 million Soho penthouse on Greene Street fell through, and Weisz was recently spotted back in the East Village checking out a condo on East 4th Street near Avenue B. It's the same address where Bob and Cortney Novogratz designed the penthouse unit in a Novogratz-lite style.

Aside from the penthouse, the rest of the building is owned by writer/producer/designer Sue Hostetler; and her 6,500 square foot, 4BR/2.5A condo is the one Weisz was seen checking out (pricetag: $8.5 million). The Alphabet City lair fit for a Bond villain has a great room with 18-foot ceilings and 900 square feet of outdoor space with a fireplace and a grill.
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238 East 4th Street

238 East 4th Street, New York, NY