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Million Dollar Listing New York S1E7: Face Off!

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Welcome to Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York, where three young brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Michael Lorber, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Eater NY's fearless nightlife editor Scott Solish. Episode air date: 4/18/2012.

In this week's episode, our heroes try to seal the deal before it's too late, stage their way out of a mess, and go after each other in a deal to the death.

Crisis 1: Doing The Deed Downtown

Michael hasn't given up his dreams of being a big time broker, even in inclement weather. Here's a secret, though?that's a mini umbrella. Doesn't it look huge when he carries it? Anyway, he still is working on his deal at 100 Eleventh Avenue from last week, hoping to get some French investors interested in a one-bedroom that is more in their price range. Unlike his golden two-bedroom listing with the killer water views, this unit has killer views of Chelsea Piers.

Just what everyone wants. Not only does this apartment have a view of Chelsea Piers from the bedroom, it also has a view of the bedroom and Chelsea Piers from a window in the bathroom.

Any chance you have another one of these units, because who wouldn't want a feature like that? But will the buyer actually like it? It turns out they do, and come back with an all cash offer of $1.4 million. How does Michael take it?

Straight pimping Mikey! Maybe hanging out with Fredrik paid off a bit for El Duck. The buyers are not into the view at all, but Michael actually has the nerve to call a view of Chelsea Piers a "unique urban view." You got that right. And you know what? Michael nails a deal! We would say he never even broke a sweat over the deal, but, well. . .

Towel off and go grab a celebratory sea bass at Cipriani, you studly broker. But before he gets too comfy, he has to one more task this week.

Crisis 2: Does Thinking Outside The Box Pay Off?

Ryan is still trying to find his Florida buyers the perfect relocation pad, but somehow he can't figure it out. Time to roll up the shirt sleeves and harass his assistant, Dina. But before he goes too far, she actually comes up with an idea he likes. What about the Rushmore on Riverside Boulevard? Ryan is into it. Will they be? Big surprise, they aren't, saying the empty apartment feels small and they can't picture how they could live there. What to do? Ryan planned ahead and stashed an interior designer outside for just this situation.

Who knows how long he was waiting for the signal, but it looks like Ryan left him enough Red Bull for it to have been a long day. Great news! The designer is on their wavelength and they start to picture what this place could look like. They even decide to make an offer! But when Ryan sits down with the listing agent for the building, their lowball offer throws her for a loop. Just look at the way she has to check the actual list price to make sure she isn't crazy.

Maybe crazy in love with this handsome devil trying to rip your boss off. She stonewalls Ryan's puppy dog eyes and even calls his bluff that he would take his client and walk away from the deal. But what if they throw in a storage bin? Ryan is intrigued, as long as it's the biggest one in the building. DEAL. But will she throw herself into the deal as well?

Sly dog.

Crisis 3: A Stage In Time Saves A Million In Nine

Fredrik has been on a hot streak as of late, and it looks like it's still going on when a former client lets him know that he is ready to sell again. This 2,000-square-foot two-bedroom duplex features two terraces and great light. The bones are great, but there is one little problem.

Tell us how you really feel, you crazy Swede. But Fredrik knows a good way to help his client sell this apartment. STAGING!!! Fredrik tells him it all has to go, but that he can get him at least $3.5 million dollars if he is willing to commit. That's even more than the seller was hoping to get.

The stager comes over and works her magic:

Fredrik is impressed. But is the client? YES! Fredrik always knows how to make it happen. Dude is straight money. High five!

Anyone else think that if Ryan was there he would have gone in for a mouth kiss? Anyone? Thought so. Anyway, it looks great, but the real question: will it sell? Fredrik is planning a big open house, but he does an early showing for a pair of brokers who are repping a, guess what, French buyer! Duh. Has anyone seen this many French condo owners in New York? They think it's great, but Fredrik tells them they have to act fast. And they do. The offer is below ask, and Fredrik tells them that ain't going to work. Then he gets serial!

Fredrik has to present the offer?and the seller actually likes it. But Fredrik talks him into saying no and tells the broker full ask or open house, and they have a deal. SWEDISH MEATBALL TIME!!!

Crisis 4: When Fredrik and Michael Do The Dance
Fredrik's seller is now a buyer, and he needs a place fast. Guess where Fredrik suggests? 100 Eleventh Avenue, and it just happens to be Michael's listing. Is he nervous to go up against such a tough listing agent?

Giddy up. He shows up and can't help but pick at his little gnat of a co-worker.

Brutal. But Michael knows he can just kick at work with his salad and his iPad, feet up, and wait for Fredrik to come grovelling for the unit.

Now it's time to go mano y mano, the Swede vs the Meatball. Who is going to win? Fredrik starts low and Michael almost chokes on his salad, which for some reason he continues to eat during this intense negotiation.

Michael engages in a delicate dance of double speak, hoping that if he drops Jean Nouvel's name more than 4 times per sentence, Fredrik will increase his offer. Shocker, he doesn't go for it. Let's watch the final negotiation and see who looks to have the upper hand.

Anyway, they settle and it's a deal. Swedish Meatball and Matzoh Ball Time. They hug it out and all is resolved. Or is it? You would have thought this would be the show's climax in the finale, but there are still a few episodes to go.
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The Rushmore Condominium

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