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With Closings Rolling at Love Lane Mews, How are Discounts?

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Closings have begun to hit StreetEasy for Curbed obsession and parking garage-turned-condos Love Lane Mews. Early reports had eight buyers signed on to pay asking prices (up to $4.25 million) for the Brooklyn Heights-with-small-town-feel apartments. Now that there's hard data available, let's dig into that claim, shall we?

So far, six closings have hit StreetEasy, with a seventh deed that showed up in public records today. And with the exception of unit #4D, where there's no asking price given, the recorded sale prices actually appear to be a good bit below ask. Apartment #3J, the most deeply discounted, was listed for $2.1 million and sold for $1,657,528, or 21.1 percent off. The least discounted apartment so far is #1C, which sold for $1.45 million, or 4.9 percent off. The freshest sale, #1A, went for $1,483,918, down from the asking price of $1,507,500.

There was also one 2BR rental briefly available in the building for $7,000/month.

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