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Aqarium Re-baits Makeover Hook With Sharks-Appeal

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The New York Aquarium is betting its $150 million renovation on the appeal of sharks with the inclusion of the marquee exhibit "Ocean Wonders: Sharks!", in which visitors will be able to walk beneath a 500,000-gallon tank where sharks will swim around them on all sides. Along with the shark exhibit, the new main building will resemble a shimmering wave—small aluminum squares will sparkle in the sunlight and move with the wind for 1,000 along the boardwalk. The new design is meant to bridge the gap between the aquarium and the beach and boardwalk. Currently, the aquarium is hidden from view from the boardwalk behind a long, tall wall that is attractively decorated, but still an imposing wall. The Wildlife Conservation Society hopes to open the redesigned aquarium by 2015. The focus on sharks is a departure from the 2007 whale-inspired design from Wallace, Roberts & Todd and Barcelona's Cloud 9.
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