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Poet Robert Lowell's UWS Writing Atelier Asks $685,000

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The poet Robert Lowell, born to a Boston Brahmin family, shirked the social standing of his birth to become one of the founding fathers of confessional poetry. This small one-bedroom on the studio block of West 67th, just off Central Park West, served as his writing atelier. The troubled Lowell worked in this space during his time in New York, prior to his 1972 move to England. Now, the apartment has been updated with a new kitchen, a sleeping loft, and ingenious built-in, lofted storage, which is especially necessary considering the only closets are tiny. Some of the modern finishes don't quite fit in this pre-war building—what's going on with that light fixture above the shower?—but the open city views and prime location make up for some of those shortcomings. Can they account for a $685K asking price?

· 15 West 67th Street 6R [Halstead]