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New Tower Plan Headed for West 28th Along the High Line

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Crews are ripping up the roof of the former Club Quo at 511 West 28th Street, prepping the plot for a new batch of residences that will rise along both sides of the High Line, just west of Tenth Avenue. What's to come seems to be a rethinking of a prior plan from Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects, revealed back in 2009, originally a mix of hotel and residential with retail down below. The current plan is from Avinash K. Malhotra Architects for developer Kadima Tenth Avenue SPE; the hotel is now nowhere to be seen but the residential and retail remain. The zoning details are still pending, but the Schedule A on file indicates three separate components, with massing much like what was seen before. When it's all done, this will be a gateway, presumably in glass, a portal for park-goers passing through on their way to the mega-hood that Related and team envisions for the blocks to the north.
Along the High Line at 28th Street a 14-story slab will rise with 44 units above and a pool in the cellar, all butting up to the ginormous Avalon West Chelsea project that's now digging down next door. Rising over West 29th Street will be a blockier 14-story stack, with 128 units above and parking for 59 vehicles (and 162 bikes) on the lower floors. Across the High Line, at the southwest corner of Tenth and West 29th, a 25-story tower will rise, holding 140 units. Down at street level and below the High Line retail will rule. Whatever architect Avinash Malhotra brings to the block, this will be a big change from the days when this was club land, and another Malhotra partied hard and pole dancing was the way to play. When this development is up along this stretch of elevated park where wildflowers bloom, some re-thinking may be necessary. Perhaps a shade garden will be in order.
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