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Profiles of an Un-Starchitect; Balconies and Neighbors in LIC

NEW YORK—Costas Kondylis may be the anti-starchitect. The New Yorker has designed 65 buildings around the city between 2000 and 2007 (one every six weeks on average), but he is less well known than some of his more renowned peers. WNET in partnership with The Real Deal will air a profile of Kondylis, who designed buildings for Donald Trump and Larry Silverstein, in early May. [Curbedwire Inbox; Treasures of New York]

LONG ISLAND CITY—Residents of the Murray Park, with rear balconies that sit right outside the back windows of their neighbors apartments, can expect to get quite a show if comments at are any indication.

Comment #1: walked by those murray park condos the other day, very odd balconies facing a brick wall, not even sure why they built the balconies Comment #2: I live behind the Murray Park lofts. Though I’m thoroughly glad that the heavy construction is complete, the balconies facing my window are totes weird. And I totes intend on still having sex with my boyfriend with the windows wide open while there are people out there.

Comment #3: Cool, thank you Lucas, we like to watch that stuff.

[Curbedwire Inbox; LIQCity]