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Brooklyn's Latest Passive House Just Wants to Blend In

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Soon to come to market in Brooklyn is 96 St. Marks Avenue. The condo building?right?blends in with the neighbors, but it's got something they don't. It's actually a passive house. We've seen one of these in Brooklyn before, the building designed by Loadingdock5 at 174 Grand Street in Williamsburg. Like 174 Grand, 96 St. Marks meets the standards of Germany's Passive House Institute. That means "it must maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without really using active heating or cooling systems, reducing the house's energy consumption by 90 percent," The Observer explains. There's plenty of complicated insulation inside, but none of it's visible to passersby. "It's basically good building practices done to the extreme," says developer Brendan Aguayo. He paid a little under $1 million for the building, and he tells The Observer he spent about 10 percent more gut renovating the building than he would have on a non-passive project. Not too shabby!

Also like Williamsburg's Passive House, 96 St. Marks will be residential?specifically, it'll have three 2BR condos, at 825 square feet, and one 1,400-square-foot duplex. The apartments will be coming to market soon, but there's no word yet on pricing. Any predictions?
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96 St. Mark's Avenue

96 St. Mark's Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217