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Chelsea Seminary Conversion More Than 75 Percent Sold

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The opening weekend at 422 West 20th Street brought a hint of 2007 with a 75-person line of people hoping to put in offers. Sales reps didn't want to release the results of the open house until contracts were officially signed, but now the team's ready to talk. So? The building is over 75 percent sold, which translates to six apartments left. The still-available floorplans are on the building's site. Prices on what's left range from $1.255 million to $2.095 million, at the high end of what was on offer. There are also a few units with contracts pending and the option to submit a backup offer. We'll be keeping an eye out for the closing prices on these?and for the West Building, the next General Theological Seminary building undergoing a makeover.
· Official site: 422 West 20th Street []
· 422 West 20th Street [Curbed]

422 West 20th Street

422 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011