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Welcome to Chibeca—Rich Poor Fancy Industrial New 'Hood

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Please welcome the latest entry into the arena of areas who wish to be named-neighborhoods: ChiBeCa. We know it sounds like the ridiculous name of a daughter whose parents met for Chai tea on their first date, but it's actually supposed to be the area between Tribeca and Chinatown, centered around Franklin Street and Cortlandt Alley. The name was coined by Brooklyn photographer Leah Overstreet, who is a co-founder of the Frontrunner Gallery at that location. She told DNAinfo, "It's not Chinatown or TriBeCa. It's a crossroads?. You've got the old and the new, the rich and the poor. You've go the industrial side and you've got the very fancy side." We doubt too many Chibeca residents or property owners in Tribeca proper are going to rush to give up their value-adding neighborhood designation, so we'll file this away next to Chumbo for now. Plus, it's not really official until an angry politician injects himself into the fight.
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