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Dumbo Loft Boasts World's Weirdest Fireplace, Huge Roof Deck

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Located in one of Dumbo's most sought after buildings, 40 Main Street, this two-bedroom loft looks great on paper, with 18-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, chef's kitchen, in-unit washer/dryer, 600-square-foot roof terrace, and gas fireplace, all for $4,100 per month. If that all sounds like a recipe for entertaining to you, you'd be right, save for the world's most awkward fireplace placement. An architectural snafu that no one would want to show off, the fireplace unit sits directly in front of the living room's largest window, inside a slightly-too-large frame, with sunlight streaming in all-around. Not exactly the modern rendition we were expecting. Luckily the two-tiered roof deck swoops in to save the day, with separate spaces for dining and lounging, distracting from the WTF moment downstairs.
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